Welcome to the sweetbookoflove.com website!

Welcome to the sweetbookoflove.com website!
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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Wishing You Groovy Days Forever and Ahead = Welcome BACK to The Sweetbookoflove.com!

Hello there! Well I'm re-instating the sweetbookoflove blog (and a few months ago I bought the domain) and so here it is. I've already got some stuff for it, but more is coming :) 

A New Grand Scheme Emerges via SweetBookofLove.com

Something very much called me to reregister this domain I bought a few years ago, but through life challenges, it lapsed. Since then, I had Revin,, and then the first grandchild Lucas (Nick and Tori) was born, a month after Revin was born, and a month after that, I  married Revin's father Kyle. And since then, Shelden, met and married Synthia who brought her beautiful son Alix into our family, and they will be welcoming baby girl Anderson into this world in autumn of 2019.

I thought my world was complete with 8 kids (Nick, Shelden, Carter, Lily, Alissa, Hope, Mark, Revin

And then I married my sweet husband Kyle....

And then came daughter in laws  Tori and Synthia

And grandkids Lucas, Alix and baby girl Anderson

I love you all.

My whole world.... A heart with icecream and ginger in cup runner over.... And filled with rootbeer, and a cone on top. I never had this as a child when we all went to grandma Rassy's who always had icecream for us grandkids, and cookies. But I took me, Revin, Mark and Kyle out to icecream last night to celebrate my new job, as I recently re*entered the workplace, but last month when I did, it was only a temp job. This new job is a permanent job, so it's a big deal!

Anyhow, new tradition in the family, rootbeer floats with cones on top, crushed if you want too, because the cone adds to the scream fun. What a fun treat!! I love it! We need more moments like this!

Shelden is still in Ft Lewis, WA

Here's a pic of when we were in Seattle earlier this year and Shelden met Revin 😍

And Lucas: 
This little one taught me that my heart can grow bigger with boundless love for the grandkids just as much as for our own kids, Lucas has a piece of this grandma's heart that only he has, like his daddy Nick, made me a mom 23 years ago, Lucas made me a grandma for the first time, and there ain't no love in the world like the love you have for your grandkids, he brought my heart to that special place. Nana loves you Lucas!!

I'm gonna love sharing these sweet moments of my family on this blog, that's what it's all about!

Soon, we'll be reconnecting Trisomy21Sweeties.com for our down syndrome sweetie Revin (ooh la love, we love you!)and Sweetmonkeypie.com for all our, kiddos. The girls blog and content will remain secret til launch, til further action can be taken on the matter (that's actually a not so nice situation we're working on remedying). Until the next post, God bless and God speed!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

And Then Mom Said.....

Why yes you are angels!

What little cuties! Big fans of cute girls and cute kids here at The Sweet Book of Love - that's what its about! So yes, you will be sleeping in your own room tonight baby girls! HA!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Husband's Take On Pinterest - Funny and You KNOW Its True!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Backstreet Boys - Show Em (What You're Made Of)

My new inspiring favorite - from their movie that came out this year, I gotta find a way to see the movie, I've always loved BSB from their very start! And well, in life, this what I gotta do - show em what I'M made of! And this is for my children and Mark - my famILY which, you know, ends with I.L.Y. I love you....

Friday, August 14, 2015

10 Things Every Child With Autism Wants You to Know

Being that 3 out of 7 of my children are certifiably autistic, this has a special place here at SBOL so I thought I would share this because it means we are that much more blessed, but there are challenges. So please listen.... Because their voices matter!