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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Another Grandbaby Stole My Heart * Welcoming Anastasia Into Our Family!!!

She's here!! Sweet little Anastasia made her way into this world last week!!

In this picture is our son Shelden holding his newborn baby Anastasia Naomi Anderson, her mommy, Shelden's wife Syndi standing behind him, Shelden's sisters Becca and Cassi too.

And I am just as in AWW!! As everyone else is, she is the first granddaughter of this generation, first 2 grandkids Lucas and Alix, and now Anastasia. We are all so proud,I couldn't wait to get and share pictures!! Hopefully soon we'll be able to fly out to Cali to meet her!! But oh be still my heart, she stole this Nana's heart and I don't mind that one bit!! I love these grandkids, I could talk about that non stop!

And here is another picture of Anastasia with her daddy, Shelden. He looks so tired, don't we all know those tired first new baby newborn days!! I'm actually glad he even got to be there when Anastasia was born, he's in the army and has been stationed At Ft Lewis for the past few years. I think they finally sprung him loose there and is off duty for a while, great! I'd love that, he can spend lots of time with his wife, kids, and Cali family, hopefully we can see them soon too! 

Anyhow, well thanks for letting us share this, grandkids are life and love on a whole new level, and we love ours with all our hearts, as we do all the kids, grandkids and daughter in laws. Love you all!! 

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